Friday, March 7, 2008

Free Rooster potholder pattern from Grammy

My Grandmother passed this pattern to me when I was a child in Abilene Texas. It was a hot summer here in Texas and I was bored because school was out and too hot to play outside during the day. So she taught me to crochet this potholder. This one in the picture is one that she made many years ago. The little chicken hanger is porcelain. I got from a garage sale long ago, I hang the potholder from this hanger.
I have since seen other chicken potholders in books and on the net. This one is similar to lots of them. I guess its a universal pattern. This is her translation of the rooster potholder. Its very dear to me since she gave it to me.
My first pattern and very old, she typed it on a 3 x 5 index card like she did all of her crochet patterns. Its old and hard to read because its sort of yellowed. If there are any errors I didnt find them last time I crocheted it. If you have any problems though please check the profile and email me with questions etc.

Crochet Rooster
(She used very cheap K-mart yarn) I have used all types of cheap yarn and it works fine
Very small amounts of red for the eyes and the little feather stuff on the head
Very small amount of yellow or orange for the beak
Less than one ounce of variegated yarn for main part of body ( use a worsted weight type yarn for making the rooster body, it needs to be a firm thick end result to protect hands from oven heat)
Corresponding hook size to the type of yarn used
( I have used a G crochet hook with Red Heart Super Saver yarn and it made a thick firm material)

Body (make 2)
Using main color chain 5 and slip stitch to form a ring
row 1 : chain 3, make 17 dc in ring, sl st to top of ch3, then sl st betwween next 2 dc
row 2 : chain 4, dc in same st as ch 4.
*ch 1, make 1 dc, ch1, 1 dc, in between each dc in row going under the 2 loops at the top*
repeat between * to end of row
row 3: chain 4 and make 1 dc in same space, make ch1, 1 dc in next st, ch1, make 1 dc, ch1, 1 dc in next st* repeat betwween * to end
row 4: chain 4 make 1 dc, make ch1, 1dc, ch1 in next 2 sts, make 1 dc, ch1, 1 dc all in next st* repeat between * to end
row 5: chain 4, make 1 dc in same space as ch4, *ch1, 1 dc in neext 3 sts, ch1, make 1 dc, ch1, 1 dc all in the next st* repeat to end
row6: ch 4, make 1 dc in same st as ch 4, * ch1, 1dc in next 4 sts, ch1, 1dc, ch1, 1 dc all in next st* repeat to end, fasten off
Make another one just like this one, dont fasten off. Place both peices together with wrong sides together. Sl st or sc both inner loops of each piece together. Fasten off.

with variegated yarn, ch5, sl st to form ring.
chain 4, make 17 tr in ring.
sl st to ch4, fasten off.
repeat head pattern for other side of head but dont fasten off
*ch6, sl st in next st* repeat between * 7 times (8 total)
ch7, pick up first piece, (place wrong sides together)
Turn work up and going thr just the first piece made, * ch 6, sl st in next st*
repeat between * (8 total)
fasten off leaving a long tail to sew head to body

Beak and top feather thingy
attach red yarn in 2nd st from last fasten off
work on both pieces
ch5, sc in 2nd and 3rd ch from hook, make 1 hdc in next ch, sl st in next 2 sts of head
*ch3, make 2 dc in base of ch3, sl st in next st*
repeat between* 4 or 5 times.
End with a sl st in next st
fasten off

Attach variegated yarn to first st (count off 12 sts at back of body) , * ch6, sk 1st st, sl st in next st*
repeat between * 5 times more. (6 loops)
Turn work around and sl st to center top of ch6, * ch 6 sl st in next center loop*
repeat 3 more times (5 loops)
turn, sl st to center of loop just made
*ch6, sl st in next center loop*
make 3 loops fasten off

Fold body in half and sew head to opposite side of tail. Insert head down like a glove an dsew at base of loops
Glue circles of red felt in center of each head side for eyes. Or, embroider or sew on beads or wiggly eyes like my grammy did.

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Aim said...

Wow, thanks for posting that pattern! How cool that you can remember your Granny teaching you that. what a great legacy--and you are continuing it by passing that pattern on here....